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High Pressure Hire

Industrial Pressure Washer Hire

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Alkota Pressure Washers. Est 1964

Alkota pressure washer trailer hire

Pressure Washer System Hire

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Pressure Washing Trailer Hire

Alkota provides a range of heavy duty pressure washers and, through our High Pressure Hire division, we're able to offer a selection of our units on various different rental terms. 

We're here to work with your and support your high pressure hire requirements. 

alkota vacuum recovery trailer hire

Vacuum Recovery System Trailer Hire

High Pressure Hire has a fleet of high pressure cleaning trailers including vacuum recovery systems. Vacuum recovery pressure washing trailers allow waste water to be recovered in to the high pressure cleaning trailer for recycling and reuse which, in turn, improves productivity and reduces environmental impact.

pressure washing trailer hire

Long Term Lease & Purchase

Hire Pressure Hire is part of Alkota Pressure Washers. We are able to offer a range of short term and long terms pressure washing trailer hire solutions as well as purchase options. 

Alkota Pressure Washers offers a wide range of pressure washing systems as well as bespoke high pressure cleaning trailers.

pressure washer trailer hire

High Pressure Hire

High Pressure Hire is part of Alkota Cleaning Systems. Alkota was established in 1964 and is now  leading the way in pressure washing and cleaning systems manufacturing. Our system are handcrafted by industry experts and we deliver products that are designed to work just as hard as you do. 

At High Pressure Hire, our pressure washing trailer hire fleet is made up of a range of systems to allow us to best cater for your requirements. This includes small 'bowser' mounted pressure washing systems through to large enclosed systems, dual user systems, steam cleaning systems and water recovery and recycle pressuring systems.

We pride ourselves in delivering a hassle free service with the main focus on working with our clients to deliver equipment to get the job done.



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